19-21 SEPTEMBER 2016


 What is M2B Workshop 2016 ?

The M2B Workshop is an exciting opportunity for researchers interested in impact-led, development directed research in collaboration with stakeholders from migrant workers’ groups, NGOs, trade unions and government.


As successful workshop grant applicants, Universitas Indonesia and SOAS, University of London are inviting applications from early career researchers to participate in a workshop by way of a paper or poster presentation. Researchers from the Universitas Indonesia and SOAS are also invited to apply although funded places for such researchers is limited by the terms of the grant.


The British Council will cover funded participants’ attendance at the workshop including: travel (for researchers from the UK this means international and local travel; for researchers from Indonesia this means domestic and local travel), travel and medical insurance, accommodation and meals. Participants are responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa to enter Indonesia. Participants must arrange for adequate travel and medical insurance cover. The British Council accepts no responsibility for any problems which may occur when the participants are in-country.

M2B Workshop’s Objectives

  1. Stimulating new, multidisciplinary thinking on state, private and third sector services, and mechanisms to improve the health and wellbeing of migrant workers and communities by gathering participants to share knowledge and ideas that will support sustainable ventures, mechanisms and services that help Indonesian workers maximise the benefits of migration for work;
  2. Providing UK-based scholars with fieldwork contacts or comparative studies for impact-driven research;
  3. Actualising UK and Indonesian-based scholars’ research into practical recommendations to improve the health and wellbeing of migrant workers; and
  4. Widening knowledge of funding and career development opportunities in Indonesia, Asia, UK and Europe.

M2B Workshop's Theme

Over 4.3m Indonesians - mostly unskilled workers - worked overseas in 2013. Their remittances (in the region of USD7.2bn) were mainly used for repaying debt and temporary gains. Existing approaches focusing on regulation and calling for better legal protection have been ineffective. More needs to be done to share the burden with the state, harness resources and empower workers with the aim of reducing abuse and increasing freedom to enjoy human development.


Health and wellbeing is an essential part of both these aims. M2B makes prominent physical and mental health intervention, women's reproductive health, education, skills training, financial and investment opportunities, social welfare, and pensions. M2B will explore and generate new ideas on mechanisms, projects and services that harness state, third sector and workers' resources. M2B will help stakeholders develop policy, advocacy and services with a view to producing lasting development benefits for migrant workers, their families and communities.


The workshop coordinators will invite stakeholder representatives to play a critical role in the workshop through panels as well as through dedicated spaces in the workshop programme in which stakeholder responses and experience can inform and help to shape effective research. The workshop will also include informal networking and exchange of ideas. The workshop coordinators will also invite NGO representatives to share their experience of innovative programmes that have impacted positively on Indonesian migrant workers in third countries.





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